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Kendall Poole offers an intensive, individually tailored programme for executives and professionals to facilitate their future direction which may or may not be in the world of business.

This programme is offered post redundancy or in the event of a company closure which can be devastating for the people affected.

Being empathetic to the many business and personal issues and emotions surrounding outplacement and career transitions, we work closely with the person beginning with self-analysis, awareness and managing change.  We then work with the individual to build upon these in a series of modules to help them identify and take that vital next step.

For many people this is the first opportunity they have had during their successful career to assess their core competencies, strengths and weaknesses and decide what they really want to do next.

If, indeed, this is a return to corporate life, we support and equip them to compete in a very competitive marketplace by ensuring they have an exceptional CV, outstanding presentation and interview skills and the ability to network effectively.